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Australian, organic,
natural and fun.

Nestled in the inner-city suburbs of Adelaide, our mission is to contribute to health and wellbeing by providing an eco-friendly lice treatment and prevention service to the community. With over five years experience and research from all over the world we’ve developed our very own lice treatment conditioner that is natural, safe and effective for the control and defence of head lice.  Our responsibility towards climate change ensures we use non-toxic ingredients, recycled plastics and eliminate the use of unnecessary packaging in the distribution process.

Lighter on your skin,
easier on the environment


Our Promise

Healthy Heads is committed to reducing its environmental impact and making a positive contribution to climate change. In pursuit of this, we use non-toxic ingredients, recyclable plastics, and strive to eliminate the use of unnecessary packaging. We believe that our customers should not have to choose between health, safety and sustainability, and that these three elements should be considered hand in hand. We are committed to continually looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and make sustainable choices.


Supporting Aussie Business

Natural Formulation

Using our natural formula,

Healthy Heads is better on your hair and easier on the environment.

Proudly South Aussie.png
Proudly South Australian

Our treatment conditioners are made, packaged and shipped from our head office in South Australia.

No Nasties.png
No Nasties

Our non-toxic ingredients don't contain the nasty chemicals that you'll find on the supermarket shelf.


We got-chu!

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