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Lice Removal Guide

Dealing with head lice can be quite overwhelming, we know! But don't worry, with the right products, knowledge and support, you can make sure that your family's scalp stays healthy and lice-free. It may take a bit of work to properly treat and prevent lice, but it's totally worth it in the end. So don't be discouraged. You can do it!


How To Identify Lice?

Don't Panic.png
Don't Panic!

Anyone can be affected by head lice and lice actually prefer clean hair. So don't panic, don't feel ashamed and reassure your cheeky monkey that everything will be fine.

Look for Symptoms

The first warning sign is repeated scratching of certain areas of the scalp, particularly the neck, temples and around the ears. These are the main areas where female lice lay their eggs.

Inspect Hair

A visual inspection of the hair is essential though not always enough if you want to identify head lice properly. Using a head lice comb on wet hair, will enable you to spot head lice more easily.


What Will You Need?

Healthy Heads Lice Treatment Conditioner

Shake well and mix up all that natural goodness.

Regular Comb / Brush

Ensure all knots are removed prior to applying treatment.

Water Spray Bottle

Keeping hair wet will ensure the lice comb passes through the hair with little resistance and a pain free process.

Metal Lice Comb

Preferably with micro grooved pins. The pins help pull the lice and eggs from the hair shaft.

Roll of Toilet Paper

Wipe the lice comb on the toilet paper after each comb through to remove the dead lice and eggs from the lice comb.

Bath Towel

Wrap towel around the shoulders to prevent product dripping onto clothing.


Just 4 Easy Steps

HH Website Icons_Step 1 Hair.png

Step 1

Separate knot free hair into 4 sections. Apply to dry hair from scalp to tips and ensure even coverage.

HH Website Icons_Step 2 10 Minutes.png

Step 2

Wait 10 minutes for magic to happen. Grab a super fine-toothed comb and go, go, go!

HH Website Icons_Step 3 Comb.png

Step 3

Comb from the roots to the tips, wiping clean after each comb.

HH Website Icons_Step 4 Wash.png

Step 4

Step Rinse hair and you’re ready to go! Apply a 2nd treatment after 5 days.


Home Cleaning Checklist

Hair Accessories

All hats, head bands, brushes, combs and hair clips can be placed in a zip lock bag and left in the freezer for 24 hours. If this is not possible, leave in a plastic bag for 2 days then spray with Lice Prevention Spray or wash in boiling water.


Isolate toys for 2 days in a plastic bag or wipe over.


All clothing worn in the last 2 days can be washed, put in clothes dryer for 30-40 minutes on high, or left unused for 3 days.

Car Seats

Vacuum well and visually inspect for any remaining lice.


Sheets and pillow cases can be washed or placed in the clothes dryer for 30-40 minutes on high heat (dependant on drying recommendations). For medium to heavy infestation wash all bedding in hot water then place in the clothes dryer until dry.

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