Screening - In Clinic, Conditioner Method:


Steps Involved:-

  • Check the hair and scalp with bright lighting and medical magnifier.  


If lice not detected:-

  • Brush hair to remove knots.

  • Apply conditioner to a section of dry hair.

  • Combe through until all the conditioner is removed by wiping the conditioner onto a tissue.

  • Check the tissue and the combe after each wipe for lice or nits.


Once lice or eggs have been identified a headlice treatment is recommended and can be booked.


Screening Fee:  $15
Screening - School Package, Dry Method:


At Lice Lab we provide local childcare, kindergartens, playgroups and schools free group lice screening.  The screening package includes:


  • A two hour assessment at your school

  • Confidentialy agreement

  • Consent form

  • Child screening procedure - Dry method

  • Infection control

  • Parent notification

  • School notification of treatment provided

  • Screening results report provided


Strick hygeine practices are employed for each child that is screened.  To comply with <insert legislation> all children to be screened must have returned a signed parent consent form before service will commence.  All Lice Lab tecnitions have a National Police Certificate and a DSCI Screening Clearance.


Each child will be assessed for head lice in an effective and confidential manner, and parents/guardians of those infected will be notified as per school policy. 


Screening at schools is necessary to break the head lice cycle. To obtain a School Screening Package call 0000 000 000 or email your request. 


School Screening Fee:  Free