Head Lice Treatment: 
A second lice treatment may be recommended. 

Per treatment:

Short Hair           (45 min)                     $64.00
Medium Hair       (1 hour)                     $85.00
Long Hair            (1 hour 20 min)        $104.00

Extra Long Hair   (1 hour 35 min)     $120.00

Additional Fees:

Treatments that exceed time allocated will be charged $10 every 10 minutes thereafter.

Screening - School Package, Dry Method:


At Healthy Heads we provide childcare, kindergartens, playgroups and schools group lice screening.  The screening package includes:


  • A one hour assessment at your school/ organisation

  • Confidentiality agreement

  • Consent form

  • Child screening procedure - Dry method

  • Infection control procedure

  • Parent notification letter

  • School notification of home treatment letter

  • Screening results report


Strict hygiene practices are employed for each child that is screened.  To comply with state legslation all children to be screened must have returned a signed parent consent form before screening commences.  All Healthy Heads technicians have obtained a National Police Certificate and a DSCI Screening Clearance.


All children will be assessed in a confidential manner, with parents/guardians of those infected to be notified as per the school/ organisation policy. 


Screening is necessary to break the headlice cycle. For more information or to obtain a Screening Package for your organisation email your request. 


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