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The Combo Pack

The Combo Pack

GST Included

Introducing our Lice Combo Pack, the ultimate solution for tackling pesky lice infestations with ease and effectiveness!


This cute little bottle packs a powerful punch, featuring natural and organic ingredients that pop off those pesky critters without any harmful chemicals. Plus, you can choose your own scent from Bubble-Yum, Monkey Farts, Flower Power, or Plain Jane, ensuring a delightful experience for you or your little ones.


Our Healthy Heads Nice Control Treatment is free from permethrin, pyrethrin, and parabens, giving you peace of mind knowing that you're using a safe and gentle solution on your child's hair.


But that's not all! Our Lice Combo Pack also includes the Lice Breaker Comb, hailed as the comb with the best results. We've tried them all, and trust us, this comb really works wonders! Featuring anti-slip properties for better control and handling, as well as unique micro-grooved teeth, this comb gently pulls lice, nits, and eggs away from the scalp with ease.


Say goodbye to all your worries and hello to our “Lice Combo Pack”. Order yours today and experience the ultimate solution for treatment and defence!


Lice Combo Pack includes:

1 x Healthy Heads draw string bag

1 x Healthy Heads Nice Control Treatment

1 x Lice Breaker Comb


Just 4 Easy Steps

HH Website Icons_Step 1 Hair.png

Step 1

Separate knot free hair into 4 sections. Apply to dry hair from scalp to tips and ensure even coverage.

HH Website Icons_Step 2 10 Minutes.png

Step 2

Wait 10 minutes for magic to happen. Grab a super fine-toothed comb and go, go, go!

HH Website Icons_Step 3 Comb.png

Step 3

Comb from the roots to the tips, wiping clean after each comb.

HH Website Icons_Step 4 Wash.png

Step 4

Step Rinse hair and you’re ready to go! Apply a 2nd treatment after 5 days.


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