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Eco Hair Ties (10pk)

Eco Hair Ties (10pk)

GST Included

Eco-friendly hair ties made from natural materials including certified organic cotton, 100% natural rubber, natural dyes and recycled paper packaging.


Our hair ties are smooth, durable, and stretchy providing a sturdy yet comfortable hold to keep your hair secure throughout the day.  Suitable for all hair types.


Plant-based and biodegradable these hair ties make it easier for you to reduce your environmental footprint and help eliminate plastic-waste.


Sustainable and ethical and when your done with your hair ties simply throw them in your home compost bin.


Size: Thickness 4mm x Round Diameter 50mm Max Stretch length 160mm


Full list of ingredients: Natural Rubber, Organic Cotton, Natural Dye.


  • Eco friendly
  • Plant based tree rubber
  • Certified organic cotton
  • Dyed with natural dyes
  • Plastic free and vegan
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Comfortable for everyone
  • Sustainable and ethical

Just 4 Easy Steps

HH Website Icons_Step 1 Hair.png

Step 1

Separate knot free hair into 4 sections. Apply to dry hair from scalp to tips and ensure even coverage.

HH Website Icons_Step 2 10 Minutes.png

Step 2

Wait 10 minutes for magic to happen. Grab a super fine-toothed comb and go, go, go!

HH Website Icons_Step 3 Comb.png

Step 3

Comb from the roots to the tips, wiping clean after each comb.

HH Website Icons_Step 4 Wash.png

Step 4

Step Rinse hair and you’re ready to go! Apply a 2nd treatment after 5 days.


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