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Plain Jane

Plain Jane

GST Included

Ultra Sensitive Skin - A deep cleansing natural treatment conditioner without the nasties.


Control + Defence.




This Plain Jane defence treatment conditioner will have little ones feeling like a pesky-free Larry or Lisa in no time at all!  Suitable for the whole family. 


No nasty chemicals, no essential oil,  no parabens, no sulphates, no plam oil and no artificial colours - just pure, lice-fighting godness that keeps those critters on their tiny toes.  Your scalp will love you.


Plain’ol Natural!



Just 4 Easy Steps

HH Website Icons_Step 1 Hair.png

Step 1

Separate knot free hair into 4 sections. Apply to dry hair from scalp to tips and ensure even coverage.

HH Website Icons_Step 2 10 Minutes.png

Step 2

Wait 10 minutes for magic to happen. Grab a super fine-toothed comb and go, go, go!

HH Website Icons_Step 3 Comb.png

Step 3

Comb from the roots to the tips, wiping clean after each comb.

HH Website Icons_Step 4 Wash.png

Step 4

Step Rinse hair and you’re ready to go! Apply a 2nd treatment after 5 days.


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